The Plan

Building Tumaini Academy The plan for the school was developed by the Christian community in Sololo, Kenya with consultation and funding from KCEP in the United States. The Academy was named ‘Tumaini’—the Kiswahili word for ‘Hope’—because it will give the people of Sololo hope for a brighter future and will help them to know God hears and answers the prayers of His people.

Tumaini does not accept government money so that Christian faith may be expressed in the classroom. Of course, children of all faiths are welcome to attend Tumaini as we seek to provide quality education and hope to the people of Sololo.

Our Dream Our dream is to build new classrooms each year and add to the facility until the school is complete. We will enroll approximately 40 students per grade, bringing the total student body to over 360 children. We are committed to helping construct the necessary school buildings and hiring teachers until we bring quality education to needy students from kindergarten through Primary-seven (7th Grade). If we stay on schedule, we will complete all classrooms by the end of 2015.

A few miles from Sololo in the predominately Christian village of Anona, impoverished children are attending a nursery school in the local dilapidated church building. Tumaini school leadership decided to officially bring in Anona as another nursery school from which children may attend their primary school. Our priority in this partnership is to build a new nursery classroom for these children as we join hands with this neighboring community.

KCEP’s dream is to extend our partnership to include other Northern Kenyan communities as well. It would be possible with just ten schools to serve as many as 3,000 children! As financial resources become available, we hope to be able to provide quality faith-based education and extend our influence over a larger geographic area.

To help the poorest of the poor receive this excellent private Christian education, our plan has always been to offer a sponsorship program under the direction of the Anglican Bishop of Northern Kenya and his staff so that children can attend Tumaini Academy regardless of their financial means.

From Dream to Reality The dream is becoming a reality!  In December, 2010 construction began on the Nursery/Kindergarten and Primary-One classrooms.  On January 10th, 2011, Tumaini opened its doors for the first time, welcoming approximately seventy children in their new uniforms to each classroom and two highly qualified teachers employed from the southern part of Kenya. Since 2011 Tumaini added primary 2 and 3 classroomsand in this year and half, Tumaini has grown to over 200 students!

Financial Support Our ambitious fundraising goal set forth in the fall of 2010  was exceeded and we were able to meet all construction goals! In 2011 we continued our building progress and all financial needs were met thanks to our generous donors!

For 2012 we have set the goal to build a Primary 4 classroom and the Anona nursery classroom to meet the needs of a growing school.  The fundraising goal for each classroom is $8,000.