Why A Private School?

Why A Christian Private School?

The word Tumaini is Kiswahili for hope, and hope is what Tumaini Academy provides the people of this remote community… A strong Christian education can provide people needs.
Kyle Frying Research Analyst, Anglican Relief Development Fund

Most of the Christians in Sololo live in extreme poverty without the resources they need to teach their children about Christ. In a land where the average person makes $200 per year, these Christians simply cannot afford to send their children anywhere but to the government-controlled public schools. Local Christians desire other options for the education of their children and have identified a private Christian school as their biggest need, asking that the Church in America partner with them to make this dream a reality. Because government funding comes with restrictive regulations that preclude teaching about Christ and determine staffing choices, the school must be 100% supported by private funds. In the region, most of the students’ parents make their living as herders and have little or no formal education. In an arid landscape, prone to drought and instability, families have a difficult time surviving, let alone providing quality education for their children.

Now, thanks to God’s work through KCEP, private Christian schools are run by local leaders with a faithful vision to educate children through a Christian worldview and with Christian principles. These schools are open to all children as a means to share the love of Jesus and to provide a beacon of hope for Christians and non-Christians alike.