Our Story

The Story of Kenya Christian Education Partnership

How It All Began
Kenya Christian Education Partnership, KCEP, exists because of a serendipitous meeting between two seminarians in the bookstore of Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, in the fall of 2008.  (Now Bishop) Qampicha Daniel Wario from northern Kenya met Janet Helms from Pennsylvania and shared with her the plight of the Christians in northern Kenya. Although they never spoke about it again, that seemingly inconsequential conversation had burned more and more brightly in both of their hearts and imaginations until Janet asked Bishop Qampicha to tell her again about the Kenyan villagers in April, 2010. They were shocked to find out that God had continued to call that conversation to mind in each of them over the intervening 18 months.

Led by God
It was from God’s call in this unusual way that KCEP was born. The two of them met for further discussions and found through prayer that the best way to help the Christians in northern Kenya was to build a Christian Primary School as a beacon of Jesus’ concern for His people. If the children could receive a quality Christian education, it would give them a foundation for the rest of their lives and the possibility of becoming future leaders that might help all of the people.

Creating the Partnership
In order to carry out this God-driven project, they founded Kenya Christian Education partnership, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, with a board of directors, to lead their effort in the United States. KCEP partners with the Anglican Diocese of Marsabit, Kenya and the local community in Sololo.

Building the School
In December 2010 Tumaini Academy was born. The school has grown from a plot of land to a campus consisting of eight classrooms, two 12,000 gallon water tanks, a newly completed administration building; which was funded by Anglican Relief and Development Fund (ARDF); a library, staff offices, a kitchen, and latrines. In addition, there are five pre-schools in three locations, offering more opportunity for the smaller children. We now have 280 students on our main campus and 200 children in the pre-schools!

The future of Tumaini and how you can be part of it!
 In December 2015, we realized our vision of 2010 to build a classroom for each school year from pre-school through Primary 8 with the construction of our two final classrooms, Primary 7 and 8.  Our most pressing goal now is to raise $17,000 to equip the newly constructed buildings, including an administrative building and a multipurpose building funded by ARDF (a $58,000 project).

The sustainability of the school is greatly dependent on our student and teacher sponsorship program. We have over 100 students sponsored and our goal this year is to obtain sponsors at $30 per month ($1.00 per day) for another 60 children. Your sponsorship can help us achieve that goal! We are filled with gratitude for all that has been accomplished and feel confident Tumaini Academy will stand strong for years to come. Our future goals will be fulfilled with God’s help to make a tangible difference in the lives of the children as well as for their families and community.