Student Sponsorship

For $1 a day, your can sponsor a student and
Educate for Hope!

Tumaini Academy is the best faith-based school in the entire Sololo district. 
Anglican Relief and Development Fund
I sponsor a child to do something glorifying God with eternal value for someone who cannot repay you 
KCEP Board Member

For $30 a month, you can provide a student’s tuition, lunch, books, and a uniform whose family cannot afford school fees. These contributions provide the physical needs. The emotional and spiritual impact of providing a child a strong education with a Christian worldview is priceless.

Have a question about sponsorships? Email: and our sponsorship chair will be happy to help! 

Get to know your child:
When you join the sponsorship program, you will receive a picture and description of your sponsored child and receive a letter from them at least once a year. We encourage you to send your child letters in return.

Start Sponsoring a Student Today

To begin sponsoring a student, you may set up your payment through our secure donations website.  Once you complete all of your information, a member of our team will contact you so you may choose your student.