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Tumaini Academy and its sponsor, the Kenya Christian Education Partnership, have successfully operated the school for four academic years. Many families in the community send their children to Tumaini Academy due to its reputation for excellence. The school has quickly become an educational, spiritual and economic center of the community.
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Making a Safe Investment

You can Educate for Hope by sponsoring a student for $30 a month or a teacher for $175 a month at the Tumaini Academy.
The Tumaini Academy brings hope for a brighter future to the families in Sololo, Kenya. You can partner with Kenya Christian Education Partnership (KCEP) today to continue to help these hardworking families send their children to school.

The local committee has divided Tumaini’s student population into three groups:

  • The very needy
  • Those who need some financial help
  • Those who have their own means of paying fees.

With caring sponsors like you, the costs for the neediest children can be paid, and all children can be provided with the best teachers.

KCEP strives to avoid creating dependency on funding from the United States and provide sponsorships only to truly needy children whose parents are unable to afford to send them to school due to cyclical poverty.

We recognize you work hard for your gifts. We partner with the Anglican Diocese of Marsabit to ensure that every penny given is used wisely and for the benefit of the children. We do this because we have a trusting relationship with them, and to have multiple people being held accountable for the money. Another advantage to this partnership is they are on the ground, know the culture, and know what the children need most. This makes KCEP unique because locals are telling us the needs of the people of Sololo, and the most culturally effective way to go about caring for them.

Have a question about sponsorships? Email: info@educateforhope.org and our sponsorship chair will be happy to help! 

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