Drought Relief

Drought Relief for Northern Kenya

Every penny means so much when people are dying
Bishop Qampicha Daniel Wario

Bishop Qampicha has reported there has been some rain! He thanks you for your prayers and generosity in giving. The $15,000 donated has bought maize (corn) that has been distributed to families of all religions through local Christian churches. Your funds have made a huge impact on these families in Northern Kenya!

Although the rainy season has begun, the effects of this terrible drought are still seen. Animals have been severely weakened and many crops have not been able to grow. Because farming and herding are many of the families main sources of income, the effects of the drought have crippled them.  Please continue to keep these people in your prayers.

March 29, 2017

Bishop Qampicha has called with good news. He said there is rain in Marsabit and the diocese.  It has been raining for two days. That is very good news and we need to thank God for His provision.  However, the animals are so weak from the long drought that they do not have the strength to fight the storm bringing rain, but also strong winds and storm conditions.  He believes many more animals will die even though there is rain.

He was not down.  He was strong.  Let us continue to pray for our beloved brothers and sisters and their animals in Northern Kenya.  There was help from one relief agency to the Diocese of Marsabit. With all of the funds our wonderful donors have given, Bishop Qampicha bought maize and distributed it through the local church to the needy and starving people. They helped people of all faiths in the area.

Please do not let up in your praying!

January 19, 2017

Dear Friends

God’s ever abiding grace and peace be with you and with all you love and serve in Christ Jesus.

This is to register our sincere appreciation and deep gratitude for the financial support our Diocese has received from faithful Christian families through KCEP. Thank you KCEP board members for sharing the drought situation in our Diocese with the people in America. It is always encouraging to know that there are people who are concerned and are praying with us during good and difficult times.

Friends, the drought situation is getting worse by day, its effect on the people and their livelihood is heart breaking. The land is bare and most of the earth pans have dried up. In places where there is water there is not grass and in places where there is grass there is no water. The animals are dying and the people are starving. The prices of the food stuffs has tripled and far out of reach for the poor without any steady financial income. This situation may worsen until the onset of long rain expected in April 2017. The drought situation has been declared a disaster. The government is promising to respond.

Meanwhile, we request for your continued prayers and help for divine intervention to alleviate human suffering. We will update you as the situation develops either way.

Once again thank you for standing with us in prayer and in kind during this hour of need.

Together for Christ transforming the world with God’s word,

Rt. Rev. Qampicha Daniel Wario

A Note from Bishop Qampicha concerning the drought in Sololo and how you can help!

Dear Friends,

God’s ever abiding grace and peace be with you and with all you love and serve in Christ Jesus.

We thank God the school year at Tumaini Academy has ended and children are now at home. The school is doing well and we had a very joyous closing ceremony with the parents. We will resume the new year in January.

Friends, Marsabit Diocese is situated in the vast arid and semi arid region of northern Kenya. This area normally receives two season between March and June (normally long rain) and between September and November (Short rain).  This year we received very little rain and no rain in some areas. There was no harvest from the farm. The short rain has failed and the area is hard hit with drought. The livestock are dying for lack of pasture and people are starving for lack of food. Over eighty percent of people in Northern Kenya depend on livestock for their livelihood. Now that the livestock are dying people’s livelihood is cut and a climate of despair hangs over the villages. Most people have no money to buy food, there are no market for emaciated and dying animals. For some communities, water sources at some boreholes are far away and people walk long distances and wait for hours to fetch water. The prices of food has gone up and out of reach for the already vulnerable communities who have no reliable source of income.

As I write the drought situation in northern Kenya has been declared a disaster. 

The church is expected to intervene and alleviate human suffering. But we are financially incapacitated to help.

Please pray with us for God’s provision and intervention.

  1. There is need to provide relief food to around 500 severely affected household to begin with. 

500 BAGS OF MAIZE @ KSH. 2,000 (US $19.64) FOR 500 HOUSEHOLDS =  KSH. 1MILLION (US $9,9826.09)

250 BAGS OF BEANS @ KSH. 4,000 (US $39.30) FOR 500 HOUSEHOLDS =  KSH. 1,000,000 (US $9,826.09)

1500 (@ 3 litres) of cooking oil @ Ksh. 600 (US $5.90) for 500 households = ksh 900,000 300,000(US $2947.83)

  1. There is need to truck water to severely hit communities

3 (10000 LITRES) WATER TANK @ KSH. 100,000 (US $982.61) = KSH. 300,000 (US $2,947.83)

10 TRIPS OF WATER TRUCKING @ KSH. 20,000 (US $196.52) = KSH. 200,000 (US $1,965.22)

The total cost/ request for this first response is ksh.  3.4 million (US $33,392.87). Any amount of help will make a difference. Transforming one life at a time as God enables us.

Friends the needy are bigger than this but as God provides we will wish to respond beginning with 500 households.

The need for food will go on over the next five months depending on whether we will have the long rain which we expect in March 2017. If God sends down rain and the livestock receive enough pasture, then things will be better.

We appreciate your prayers and support as God provides.Once again thank you so much and may God bless you all as we together serve the Lord.

Together for Christ transforming the world,
Rt. Rev. Qampicha Daniel Wario

Every penny matters!

When you give to the drought relief fund you are purchasing food and water for people in need. Here is a list of staples needed.

  • 500 Bags of maize @ Kenyan Shillings (KSH) 2,000 (US $19.64) for 500 households= KSH 1,000,000 (US $9,9826.09)
  • 250 Bags of beans @ KSH 4,000 (US $39.30) for 500 households =  KSH 1,000,000 (US $9,826.09)
  • 3 Litres of cooking oil @ KSH 600 (US $5.90) for 500 households = KSH 300,000(US $2,947.83)
  • 3 (10,000 Litres) Water tank @ KSH 100,000 (US $982.61) = KSH. 300,000 (US $2,947.83)
  • 10 Trips of water trucking @ KSH 20,000 (US $196.52) = KSH 200,000 (US $1,965.22)